On a site we visited recently to check tree protection fencing we were surprised with the type of mulch that had been used (let alone the inadequate tree protection zone).
We are not sure if the builders were using the tree protection zone as their off cut waste area or if they truly believed that the wood blocks would be ok for mulch??
Interesting....... we still like to think that the builders thought they were doing the tree a favour!

We were recently asked to have a look at a building site and to check and provide an opinion on the tree protection measures.
It was obvious that the tree protection measures had been an afterthought as the trunk was already damaged and the roots had already been cut to make way for the footing of the building.
The tree protection zone and building  was approved in the permit at a distance of 4 metres from the tree when in actual fact the building was located only 2.5 metres from the tree.